Focus on the Global South 20th year Conference Report

Celebrating A MilestoneRenewing Unities & Charting The Way Forward

20 Years of Focus on the Global South Conference Report

Over 120 people representing close to 80 organizations from 20 countries took part in the two-day International Conference of Peoples’ Struggles and Alternatives with the theme “Whose New Asia?” from 13-14 August 2015.  The conference was an opportunity to reflect on the two-decade long history of Focus, to share stories of battles lost and won, and discuss ideas and pathways towards a better world.

“The challenges we face are even more serious now and we need to strengthen more people-to-people initiatives,” reflected Ajarn Surichai Wun’gaeo of Chulalongkorn University and Chairperson of the Board of Focus, in his remarks to open the conference.


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